About Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet resistant glass looks quite similar to any ordinary glass. What makes it different is its ability to stop one or more bullets, depending on the firearm used, from penetrating it. Manufacturers create the glasses in various strengths and thicknesses to protect against physical attacks. The strength of each glass depends on how much polycarbonate material is used. The glass is definitely designed with the protection and safety of customers in mind. When it comes to protection from dangerous weapons and unlawful intruders, having windows and doors with bullet resistant capacity is the best solution.

Here are three reasons why bullet resistant glass is beneficial:

1. When it comes to the first line of defense against bullets, detonations, and other unwanted attacks, fabricated security glasses take on the job effectively.

2. Bullet resistant glass absorbs the impact of any high impact object, which makes it more secure than regular glass.

3.Glasses that are fabricated to withstand bullet impact, forced entry, bomb blasts, attempted assault, and the like can protect anyone within its enclosure

St. Louis Glass Works Has Experience With Bullet Resistant Glass

On January 15th the Arnold City Counsel voted on a contract to install bullet resistant glass at the city clerk’s office, the Arnold Police Department, and the Municipal Court. The three offices are all located within the Arnold City Hall building. The glass will be installed at the customer-service windows in each of the offices.

St. Louis Glass Works bid on the contract with a $18,823 bid. The bid was awarded to St. Louis Glass Works on January 15th. The City of Arnold had budgeted $40,000 for the bullet resistant glass and St. Louis Glass Works came in at half the cost the city budgeted for.

St. Louis Glass Works has proven time and time again that it can beat any bids in the St. Louis area. If you are in need of bullet resistant glass for your local business, or any custom glass work done at all, give us a call today!