If you’re considering a practical yet stylish way to divide your space, glass partition walls are a great option! These non-load bearing walls serve as dividers made with floor-to-ceiling panes of glass. The perfect mixture of drama and functionality, glass partition walls are rapidly growing in popularity for both residential and commercials spaces.

Why Choose a Glass Partition Wall?

Glass partition walls carry a lot of advantages for people looking to update their building. They tend to be a more affordable option than traditional drywall and take up far less space. Because they let in gorgeous natural light, there isn’t much need to worry about adding additional lighting to the newly created room. They’re also less permanent than drywall and are easy to adjust, allowing you to obtain the perfect wall for your needs. If you’re a business concerned with keeping your employees connected to each other, glass partition walls break down the barriers traditional walls can often create. At the same time, the tempered glass can be sealed to ensure the sound is dampened for those outside the room.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of glass partition walls is how customizable they can be. Whether you’re looking to simply divide up an empty space or make a statement in your building, there’s a partition that’s just right for you!

Aluminum Framed Glass Walls

If you’d like to completely frame in your walls, aluminum is the best option. Aluminum will provide a sturdy support for the glass without inviting corrosion. The aluminum can be anodized or powder-coated for further protection. The glass panes are fitted to the frames and then sealed with a special silicon that allows the meeting of the two materials to be nearly seamless. You can decide whether or not you want to use tempered glass, melamine, veneer, acrylic boards, or PVC. You can also choose several finishes for the glass such as clear, tinted, or opaque.

Either hinged or sliding doors can be installed on these partitions. The sliding doors use an upper or lower guide track depending on your preference. The doors are equipped with recessed, pull, or rail handles, and if desired, a lock similar to that of an aluminum door can be installed.

Full Glass Partition Walls

If you’re concerned with overall style, a full glass partition wall might be the better choice. Full glass partitions will let in the most light and create an open, airy feeling. The panes stretch from floor-to-ceiling and are tempered to ensure safety. Most full glass partitions use a mixture of glass and aluminum mounting hardware to keep the walls secure.

Similarly to those of the aluminum framed walls, doors for these partitions can be hinged or sliding. The edges are sealed with either silicon or acrylic foam tape to reinforce the structure and soundproof the rooms. If you want to keep the room a little more private, you can use opaque glass to keep the look while minimizing distraction.

St. Louis Glass Works can help you decide on the partition wall that’s right for you! Once you reach a decision, our professionals will install it with expertise. If you have a space in need of an upgrade and think a glass partition wall is the right choice, call us to start the transformation!