It’s easy to gloss over the importance of your bathroom mirror. For many it feels like a small finishing touch, but in reality, it can make or break your design. The right mirror will set the style of your bathroom and help it feel elegant and timeless. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the best piece for your space. Thankfully, there are several factors to consider that will make your decision a little easier.

What Will Your Budget Allow?

The very first thing you should decide before choosing a mirror is how much money you’re willing to spend. Don’t forget to add in the cost of installation fees! Some mirrors might use pricey frames that will put them out of your budget. Others might be cheaply made and will be more prone to scratching or collecting residue. Lay out your budget and then call a glass company to see what your options are. 

What Company Will Provide the Best Help?

While a mirror might seem like a simple thing to install, it can be a costly and dangerous mistake if done incorrectly. A professional glass company will not only provide you with options and a quote but will also install your mirror correctly. St. Louis Glass Works has experts who will give you information regarding the quality and benefits of different mirrors. Once you make your final decision, we’ll send a professional to make sure the job is done well. 

Which Size Would Be Best?

Knowing what dimensions will work for your space is crucial in making a decision. If your mirror is too big, it will make the bathroom feel uneven and sloppy. Choosing too small of a mirror, on the other hand, will leave awkward wall space. It’s best to choose a mirror that is close to the same width as your vanity. Having the right proportions will make your bathroom look more polished. If you choose to do two mirrors side-by-side, make sure you have adequate space for both without overtaking the vanity. 

Would More Than One Mirror Be Better?

While it can be a bit more costly, choosing more than one mirror can be a creative, stylish option for your space. A vanity for a master bathroom with his-and-her sinks looks amazing when topped with a mirror over either side. It can also be a clever way of breaking up a large wall area. Decide if your space and budget is well-suited for this option and then decide on the shape and style. 

What Style Would Look the Best?

When you started working on this remodel, you likely first decided what kind of style you’d prefer. Don’t let your mirror be mismatched! A frameless mirror will provide a clean, minimalistic feel. A round mirror with a thin frame works well for a mid-century modern-inspired space. Acrylic frames can offer a pop of color if you’re trying to keep a kids’ bathroom light and playful. If you want to avoid making your bathroom feel dated, pick a mirror with a slimmer frame. A thin cooper or wooden frame will keep your bathroom feeling sleek and modern. You can also choose a high-gloss frame to add a dramatic feel.

Mirrors are an important part of your remodel that should be carefully considered. At St. Louis Glass Works, we want to help you make the right decision for your space. Give us a call, and we’ll discuss various options as well as provide a quote. Let us be the reason your bathroom shines!