Do you remember what bathrooms used to look like? A bathroom used to have a bath, sink, painted walls, or white tiles, frosted glass window, and cupboard above the sink for toothbrushes and razors. They also had a reversible magnifying mirror for dad to shave. It was based on function, and sure, it was functional, but it was not pretty.

Now bathrooms have become a status symbol, and even for those on a limited budget, the most basic form of bathroom make-over can change the whole look of the room.

When fantasizing about the bathroom of your dreams, most people start with the shower. You know exactly how you want the space to look and how you want it to make you feel. The shower is the heart of the bathroom, where you reset each morning, preparing to face the day.

When the shower is bad, it can make you hate your bathroom (and your mornings), but when a shower has all of the design elements and luxuries that you dream of, a bathroom can go beyond the standard four walls and plumbing and become an oasis of relaxation.

If your refurbishment plans include a shower installation, choose glass shower doors, especially in a room with very little space. Using clear, framed or unframed glass will help the room feel more open. If you’re a little concerned about a full glass shower because you want some privacy, or you have a specific bathroom scheme, glass surrounds and doors come in a variety of tints. They can be frosted, or include etched designs to match aspects of the bathroom.

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