With glass, the design possibilities in home design really are limitless as it can help to create an open airy space with a cool, minimalistic feel or it can showcase and compliment even classic, traditional designs. Glass is easy to clean and maintain and, with the proper glass type and fitting, is suitable for any environment. So today we want to talk about unique ways you can add glass to your home to create a stunning look. 

Glass Furniture:

WE KNOW! It sounds like a crazy idea, especially for the families out there, but hear us out. While solid furniture can ‘close down’ a room, making it seem smaller and more cramped than it is, glass furniture allows even the smallest room to maintain its space and openness. And isn’t everyone look for a more open look for their home?

Glass Exteriors:

Wall to wall windows anyone? Whether it’s a glass sunroom, floor to ceiling windows in the living room, or glass French doors off the dining room, glass can help open up your space and bring the outdoors inside. 

Glass Walls or Railings: 

Interior glass walls can divide an open plan room for privacy and noise reduction while still keeping the space open. Glass railings allow for a stunning unobstructed view from your balcony. You really can’t go wrong with either option! 

Glass Surfaces:

Glass surfaces are usually made of strengthened or tempered glass so they can withstand greater force, impacts, or variations in temperature. Glass surfaces are particularly useful and beneficial for bathrooms and kitchens where flawless, modern, and easy to clean surfaces are often prioritized. Glass is a very hygienic option! 

There are so many creative ways to add glass to your home! Call St. Louis Glass Works to learn more.