You do all you can to keep your house clean, but with all the chaos life throws at you, it’s easy to miss a day here or there. Unfortunately, your bathroom tends to be one of the first rooms to show neglect. While it’s tempting to reach for a cheap powder cleaner like Comet or Ajax that’ll quickly make that grime vanish, these abrasive cleaners do more harm than good over time. Understanding your bathroom surfaces will help you better understand what to use to keep your bathroom feeling fresh and looking great!

Porcelain Surfaces
Most likely, your sinks, toilets, and tubs are all made out of porcelain. While the material is common because it’s both attractive and practical, it can be difficult to properly maintain. The issue is that it’s quite porous, allowing it to absorb scum and dirt that can be hard to wipe off. While powder cleaners often advertise they’re safe to use on porcelain, in reality, they are actually pretty harmful. These cleaners scratch the surface, inviting grime to live deep within the grooves. That damage will dull the surface and shorten the lifespan of your porcelain structures over time.

A liquid gel cleaner will knock out any dirt while allowing these surfaces to remain unscratched. If you’re tackling a particularly stubborn stain, let the cleaner sit for a few minutes before scrubbing gently with a soft towel. This will prevent any damage while still thoroughly cleaning the porcelain in your bathroom.

Abrasive powder cleaners are especially bad for glass. Just like with porcelain, these powders can leave small scratches in the surface, making it harder to clean over time. And those etches don’t just lessen the shine and appeal of your glass. They can absorb mildew and dirt, and the additional cleaning will only lead to further damage.

If you want your shower door to last a long time, skip the powders and reach instead for a liquid cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth. And if you’re looking for a quick fix, squeegees will go a long way towards protecting the glass. A simple scrape can remove much of the grime, making it a resourceful way to keep your shower doors looking great for years!

Metal Hardware
The metal fixtures in your bathroom are easy to ignore, but they’re magnets for some pretty nasty grime. That can make it especially tempting to reach for a heavy duty cleaner to get them spotless again. The problem is that your hardware has been finished with a clear lacquer that is meant to preserve these surfaces. Powder cleaners will scratch off this lacquer, making it more susceptible to dirt and dullness. Unless you’re wanting to replace that hardware every few years, skip the powder.

Instead, keep a dry towel by your shower to wipe the hardware after every use. It’s a simple way to keep the metal both sparkling and safe. If you’re forgetful, however, mild detergent and warm water on a weekly basis is just as effective. Just remember to use a non-abrasive towel to wipe it dry!

Through taking a few simple steps, you can protect the surfaces in your bathroom and keep them looking gorgeous for years! Always make sure to pay close attention to the cleaners you’re using. While powder cleaners might seem great for a quick fix, skip them and instead make small, daily changes that will maintain your fixtures and keep your bathroom beautiful.