Glass shower doors can add appeal to any bathroom and they instantly improve the aesthetic the moment they are installed. Even though they are GORGEOUS, they do take maintenance so you want to make sure you take care of them. Here are a a few signs that you might need to replace your glass shower doors:


Is it taking longer to clean your shower and it still isn’t getting as clean as you’d hoped? That could be discoloration, which is a sign you might need a new glass shower door. Over time, dirt, mold and even soap builds up layers of scum on your shower doors, permanently robbing them of their initial clean look. Your shower doors should always be clear and transparent when not in use.


One of the easiest things to spot it small cracks or chips in your glass shower door. Cracked shower doors are usually the result of a door that has been handled roughly over time, or that was installed improperly. Most cracks start small and they aren’t noticeable by the unaided eye, so they are allowed to grow until they become a visible problem. It is critical to get cracked doors repaired right away to avoid accidents.

Rusted hardware:

If your shower doors are no longer closing properly it could be because the hardware has begun to rust and isn’t functioning properly. If your door doesn’t close properly, you will find yourself mopping a very wet floor after every shower.