Secure your glass storefront window

When you choose glass for your storefront it can have a huge impact on your stores security, appearance, and energy efficiency. Most people chose to go with clear glass, to allow people to “window shop” but there are other options for businesses who are not interested in having 100% transparency in their windows. There are a number of alternative options and you should chose what is right for your specific glass storefront window.


One of the most important factors to consider when you are selecting glass for your storefront, is security. Regular glass isn’t always secure in bad weather like thunderstorms and tornadoes. If your storefront window shatters, the inside of your store can be exposed to water and outside elements until it is replaced.

Thankfully you can purchase windows that protect you from these risks. Security glass is one option to consider. Security glass usually has either an external film or an internal laminate.

When the glass is broken, rather than shattering into pieces, the glass is held together by the film. That means that even if the glass is broken by intruders or weather, the window will stay intact. It may look like a spider web of cracks, but it will hold.

Another option is tempered glass, which is treated with chemicals to give it increased strength. Tempered glass will also be safer because it breaks into big chunks rather than small, sharp pieces. If you have an accident where the window breaks, tempered glass will make cleanup much easier.

If you are looking to spruce up your storefront window, give us a call today! We can explain all of the different options to make sure you have the most secure storefront possible!