When it comes to decorating your kitchen, replacing your cabinets can have a huge impact! Finding the right choice can be a daunting decision, however. The high cost and inconvenience of installing new cabinets make it something you want to do right the first time. While glass cabinet doors can make a kitchen feel open and airy, it’s crucial to look at the pros and cons first to make sure they’re the right fit for your family. 

The Advantages of Glass Cabinet Doors

Opting for glass cabinet doors will give your kitchen a crisp, clean feel while allowing you to show off your gorgeous dinnerware. They also complement almost every style of house. Whether going for a farmhouse kitchen or a mid-century modern style, the right glass cabinet doors will be a perfect addition to your home. Plus, they tend to be ageless, remaining a beautiful staple as the years go by. 

Things to Consider 

Before you choose glass cabinet doors, there are a few things to understand. It’s no secret glass is prone to fingerprints and smudges. While nearly every cabinet door will show daily wear, glass tends to require a bit more maintenance to keep it looking its best. On top of this, these exposed cabinets benefit more from organization. If you’re prone to a touch of disorder and wish to hide this from your guests, glass cabinet doors might not be the best fit. 

If you’re unsure you are ready for the amount of maintenance but still want the feeling of glass cabinet doors, consider adding glass to a corner cabinet instead. This way, you can show off your collections while still concealing whatever you need. 

If you’re debating installing glass cabinet doors, reach out to St. Louis Glass Works for a free quote today! We can discuss the right kind of panels to make your kitchen look like the room of your dreams!