When it comes to choosing a house, one of the most important things is to make sure it’s functional for every family member. Whether you have a cat that likes to sunbathe on your porch or a dog that needs to run outside to do its business, outfitting your glass with a pet door is the perfect way to keep every critter in your house happy. 

Pet doors are often sold as inserts that can be installed in a door or window to give your pet the freedom they need. These doors use screens or flaps that provide access while keeping the bugs at bay. While these inserts might provide a quick fix, they are typically rather flimsy. They can be the perfect solution for a small, calm dog, but a happy labrador with a sledgehammer of a tail might destroy it. The other disadvantage to these screens is they can let in the weather, leading you to field both a wet dog and muddy floors. 

If you have a hyper animal that loves being able to come in and out as needed, installing a pet door directly into your storm door can be the perfect option. Not only will it stay sturdy with every entry and exit, but attaching it to a glass door allows you the ability to keep an eye on your pet while they’re outside. Plus, a glass storm door gives you the additional benefit of shutting off access to the pet door when needed, keeping your dog inside and the weather out.

St. Louis Glass Works can outfit your doors and windows with the right tools to make sure everyone in your family stays happy. Call us today for a free quote, and we will work with you to find the right solution to keep your household running smoothly.