St. Louis is filled with incredible history, and it shines throughout our neighborhoods.Whether you find yourself in a South City tudor or a Webster Groves bungalow, many of the houses around here are jam-packed with character. While these quirks might make your home stand out, they can also make it less efficient, especially when it comes to our blazing summers and harsh winters. Thankfully, there are ways to preserve these beautiful pieces while keeping your house safe. 

Stained Glass

A stained glass window is a wonderful conversation piece but can drive up your utility bill if you don’t have proper protection. Typically, stained glass is constructed to last for centuries, but modern-day innovations will make it more efficient. Outfitting it with an additional panel of clear glass will add weatherproofing to your window to ensure outside elements don’t make their way inside. These panels, especially when added to the exteriors of the window, will also strengthen the integrity of the glass in the face of even the harshest hailstorms. 

Historic Windows

Historic houses often have unique windows because glass was seldom produced in the large sheets we see today. As a result, we get giant windows composed of smaller, well-crafted elements. But accidents happen. While preservationists advocate for repairing cracks when possible in historic homes, sometimes, replacing windows might be necessary. If the affected area is small enough, you might be able to get away with just replacing that piece of glass. However, should the worst happen, various styles of glasses and panes will preserve your house’s charm without forcing you to live with broken or inefficient windows. 

At St. Louis Glass Works, we are passionate about keeping your house looking its best. Whether you’re looking to fix up some old windows, preserve your house’s character, or replace your windows entirely, we can provide a free quote and get you working on the next step.