Sometimes, the perfect way to unwind at home in the evenings is with a cocktail. Because of this, home bars have never been more popular. They allow you to bypass the noise, the crowds, and the costs of a pub while still giving you the comfort you want. And while multiple factors go into building the ideal home bar, the right aesthetics are vital. Whether it’s a classy bar cart in the corner outfitted with a few basics or an entire corner of your basement complete with stools and signage, using glass is a fantastic way to make your home bar shine. 

Why Use Glass?

Whether using glass shelves or cabinets with a window insert, glass is the ideal way to elevate your home bar. Your bar is an investment. You spend time finding the perfect glass for each cocktail and developing your favorite brands and spirits. Transparent shelving allows you to show this off in a tasteful, curated way. Outfitting your bar cart with custom glass shelving will add that same shine to your collection. 

Glass is useful beyond just shelving. Placing mirrors near your bar will make the area look more spacious, allowing you to pack a big impact in a small footprint.

If wine is more your taste, glass makes up the perfect wine cellar. Using glass paneling to surround the room will show your guests your collection from the outside. More importantly, you can carefully control the climate for safely storing your bottles. Windows and glass shelves will work wonders for allowing you to access the vintage of your choice while showing off the rest. 

St. Louis Glass Works takes pride in creating the perfect custom room for you! Call us today for a free quote. We’d love to show you different home bars and wine cellars we have created in the past, tailored specifically to our customers. Let us give you the bar of your dreams.