A good glass coffee table is a timeless piece in any house. While wooden or veneer coffee tables tend to show their age within a few years, with the right maintenance, a glass coffee table will shine for ages. Before purchasing, however, it’s important to understand proper care to ensure it’s the right option for your household. 

Keeping your coffee table flawless

  1. Be careful in choosing its placement. Ideally, a glass coffee table should be placed in an area with low traffic. For families with small children, this is crucial. Kids are clumsy! Not only could the wrong spot be dangerous for them, it also makes the table more prone to breakage. For larger households, a spot against the wall is a wise idea. 
  2. Use coasters! Hot cups or cold beverages can cause rings on glass table tops. Keep coasters on hand and encourage your guests to use them to prevent damage. 
  3. Be selective with decorations. Heavy table-toppers can create nicks and scratches that not only hurt the appearance but also compromise the integrity of the glass. Choose lightweight decorations without any sharp corners so you can keep your tabletop pristine.
  4. Use glass cleaners to make it shine. Glass coffee tables tend to show fingerprints and dust. Make sure to have a good glass cleaner on hand to keep it looking brand new. Also remove any jewelry before cleaning since rings and bracelets can cause scratches. 

With the proper care, a glass coffee table is a staple that will last for years to come. At St. Louis Glass Works, we want to keep your house looking beautiful. If you would like to replace your glass coffee table top or wish to create your own custom piece, give us a call today for a free quote. We’re ready to make your living room shine!