One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to drive around and look at the different Christmas lights. Well-done lights can truly be beautiful. If you want your house to stand out in the neighborhood, it’s crucial to make sure you go in with an idea and choose Christmas lights for your windows and trim that will set your house apart. 

Types of Lights 

Before deciding on the shape and color of bulbs, decide if you want LED or incandescent lights. While incandescent lights tend to have a lower cost upfront, LED bulbs are more efficient meaning you’ll see the savings on your energy bills. Incandescent lights tend to have that warm Christmas glow. LED lights come in either warm or cool varieties, giving the lights an icy appearance. 

Next, choose the string. Mini string lights are the standard. They have a small bulb that remains visible even when the Christmas lights are off. You can find them in nearly any color or variety. Wide-angle LED mini lights give off the same glow but lack the bulb meaning they blend in a little better to their surroundings during daytime. Large bulb lights tend to come in an array of colors and make for the perfect nostalgic feel. Icicle lights contain a string of bulbs and make for the perfect accent for any window. If a light show is more your thing, try out animated and color-changing lights. Creating a light show will take quite a bit more planning, but when done correctly, your house is sure to be the star of the suburbs. 

Don’t forget to include your windows in your light show! If hanging lights this holiday season is making you realize your windows could use a touch-up, call us at St. Louis Glass Works. We offer anything from simple repairs to window replacements. With our help, your house will be the talk of the town this Christmas!