When it comes to building your business, it’s important to make sure that style meets
functionality. Floor-to-ceiling windows are wonderful because they let in a ton of light, preventing
your building from feeling stale. Plus, employees tend to stay more productive when placed in a
brighter atmosphere. Unfortunately, without proper precautions, these windows can leave your
customers sweating. While this can be an inconvenience, there are several ways to get the
windows you want without having to increase your energy bill.

Window Treatments
Hear us out. We know you want stylish windows and lots of light, but low profile window
treatments will allow you to block out the sun at strategic points of the day so you can stay cool.
Retractable Roman shades will take up little space while letting you control the sun. Thicker
curtains will do the same thing while giving your building a homier feel. Your customers–and
your wallet!–will feel much more relaxed.

Window Tinting
If you want to avoid window treatments, one of the best things you can do is add window tinting.
While there are multiple options, window tinting often is hardly detectable. It’s guaranteed to
make a huge difference temperature-wise without changing your building too much. The tinting
works by adding a film to your window that will act as an additional pane. This film drastically
decreases heat transfer that happens through the glass. Plus, window tinting blocks nearly all
UV rays. It’s a fantastic option to protect your employees and keep your customers comfortable
without compromising style.

A sunny work environment is beneficial to everyone overall, but without the proper planning,
large windows are guaranteed to turn your wonderful business into a place of misery. Keep your
workplace thriving by cutting down the blinding light.

Are you looking for a great company to give your building these gorgeous windows? Call us
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as to how to select something that’s both stunning and efficient.